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Our Menu

Bagel Varieties:

Plain, sesame, everything, poppy, salt, onion, cinnamon raisin, asiago, multigrain, blueberry, pumpernickel, everything pumpernickel

all bagels contain traces

of egg & milk

Onion-Poppy (Vegan)

Single Bagel/Bialy  $2.50
Half Dozen (6) $12.00

Baker’s Dozen (13) $24.00

Bagel/Bialy +
Butter $2.70

Egg & Cheese Bagelwiches

Choice of sliced cheddar, muenster, or swiss. Eggs cooked over-medium unless specified.

Egg & Cheese* $6.25

Bacon, Egg & Cheese*  $7.25

Sausage, Egg & Cheese* $7.00

Turkey, Avocado, Egg, and Cheese* $9.00

Corned Beef, Egg, & Cheese* $9.00

Hot Pastrami, Egg, & Cheese* $9.00

SSA*  $12

Smoked Salmon, Avocado, Egg, Chive scallion cream cheese

Bullfrog's Best

Cream Cheese:

Plain $3.95
Chive-Scallion $4.45
Veggie $4.45
Jalapeno $4.45
Honey-Walnut $4.95
Smoked Salmon $5.25

Jam (onion or strawberry) $4.00

Cream Cheese + Jam $5.00
Honey & Goat Cheese $5.00
Hummus $4.50

We proudly start with the highest quality fish and meats; then cure, brine, smoke, braise, or slow-roast all of them.

Scottish Smoked Salmon 3 oz. $10.00

Pastrami-Spiced Lox 3 oz. $10.00

Smoked Whitefish Salad 6 oz. $10.00
Pastrami 6 oz. $12.00

Corned Beef 6 oz. $10.02

Baltimore Braised Brisket 2/4lbs $30/55.00

Hickory-Smoked Turkey 6 oz. for $12.00


Bullfrog's Bagelwiches

We serve a variety of bagel sandwiches that you can enjoy for breakfast or lunch, or brunch!

HAS $10.00
Hummus, avocado, sprouts

House-Smoked Salmon* $10.00
Lox, tomato, red Onion, capers, cream cheese, cracked black pepper

TBA $9.50
Smoked turkey, bacon, avocado, Sriracha mayo

The Natitude $10.00
Hot pastrami, swiss, dijon mustard sauce

The Oriole $11.00
Baltimore braised brisket, muenster, jus

Reuben $9.50
Corned beef, house-made sauerkraut, swiss, 1000 Island

The Natitude $11.00

Bullfrog's Hot Pastrami with Swiss cheese and a Dijon mustard sauce

Whitefish $9.00
Whitefish salad, tomato, red onion, capers, cream cheese

The Wurst $7.20
Neuske’s liverwurst, tomato, red onion, mayo, cracked black pepper

Tuna Melt $8.50
Tuna salad, tomato & cheddar on a bialy

BLT $7.00
Bacon, lettuce, tomato, mayo

Salmon BLT* $10.00
Bacon, lettuce, tomato, cream cheese

Add Ons

prices vary



butter, hummus, strawberry or onion jam, mustard sauce, mayo, sriracha mayo, ketchup,  hot sauce, 1k island


tomato, onion, lettuce, sprouts, cucumber, avocado, sauerkraut, capers

Proteins: eggs*, bacon, sausage, corned beef, pastrami, brisket, lox*, tuna, whitefish.


cheddar, muenster, swiss,
goat cheese, Bullfrog cream cheeses


*Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness

ADD: Chips & Pickle $2.50

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