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Misha Milius' Internship Initiative Project: How has Bullfrog Bagels put its unsold bagels to better use? How has "Too Good To Go" made a huge difference in food waste, especially at Bullfrog?

My name is Misha, and from January 3rd to 12th, 2024, I interned at three of Bullfrog's locations, getting to see many aspects and points of views within the company. I was able to assist in the wholesale deliveries to many of the markets we know of, such as Broad Branch Market, or Politics & Prose, on the way to the Tenleytown Food Trucks. There, I got to work at the cold and hot stations, cutting bagels and making many different sandwiches, and run the register, taking the orders of hundreds of customers, interacting with hundreds of different personalities. I was also put at the Foggy Bottom location, or Western Market; I did mainly the same things, however it was nice to have a separate location, just to have a variety of coworkers/settings during my overall experience. Throughout the 60 hours working at Bullfrog, I was glad to have been able to brush up on my Spanish skills with my coworkers, to work on my social skills with customers, and my basic cooking skills in the back. Bullfrog Bagels is definitely a special place, with an amazing community, and deicious food, worth every penny.

One thing that immediately grabbed my attention while working at Bullfrog Bagels is the fact that whichever bagels weren't sold that day had to be thrown away. I found this odd at first, knowing that Jeremiah Cohen, the founder of Bullfrog Bagels is a compassionate person. After a few conversations with him, we discussed how it was easier said than done to simply donate them to a homeless shelter. We would have to take the dental care of the homeless citizens into account, as most of the bagels were too soft for them to be able to chew, Jeremiah explained.

One thing Bullfrog Bagels has been a part of for a long time now, however, is the app, "Too Good To Go", which has the closing times of many organizations, and occasionally takes the leftover food at the end of the day for a small price.

A statement on the "Too Good To Go" website states,

"2.8 billion tons of food is wasted every year

We dream of a planet with no food waste. Every day, unsold food from your favorite restaurants, grocery stores, cafés, and shops go to waste simply because it isn't sold in time. The Too Good To Go app makes it easy to make a difference, allowing you to save Surprise Bags of good food at an even better price."

"The Easiest Way to Sell Your Surplus Food." Save Food - Help The Planet - Too Good To Go. Accessed January 16, 2024.

This company and application has majorly helped Bullfrog to put its unsold bagels to better use, not wasting them all, but to actually be able to use them.

Bullfrog Bagels is a thriving company, with delicious food, amazing locations, and a great group of staff members. The owner, Jeremiah, built it from the ground up, and tries his hardest to maintain all of the aspects of the company. He does not fool around, he simply does what needs to be done, and that includes making sure all bagels within the company go to the right place. I loved interning at Bullfrog Bagels, it is a warm and welcoming place.

If you're looking to try something new, try us. Come have a tasty bagel and a hot coffee!

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