Please read this before ordering your bagels.


"Bullfrog Bagels' first shop has opened at 1341 H Street NE inside the eastern portion of the Star & Shamrock Tavern. Online ordering resumes Thursday, September 18th during store hours from 7am to 4pm only.  Please read the instructions, and caveats, below to ensure great customer service."  -- Team Bullfrog




  1. Online orders must be made at least one calendar day before you intend to pickup your bagels. If you want your bagels on the same day,  come on down to our store and check out all of our offerings.

  2. In the customer comment section at Square check out, please note the day and approximate time you hope to pick up your order. We will confirm your order and time of pickup by email before the close of business the same day. 

  3. You can order different kinds of bagels in your Baker's Dozen, just tell us what kind in the comment section..

  4. Once you place your order, you will receive a confirmation from Square saying your order is ready.*  Please ignore this and wait for an email from confirming date and time that your order will be ready.

  5. Feel free to email us with any questions or comments. 

  6. We hope you seriously enjoy this ORIGINAL DC  bagel & our other delectables!

  7. See you soon :)

  8. Ribbit, Ribbit.


*Square-Up is in the process of updating its pre-order software for seamless pre-ordering. We appreciate your patience.  Thank You.  








Information you need to know: